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Hi guys, i've just found this site and thought I'd join up, it looks very helpful so far. My name's Mark and I'm from Berkshire. I have a five year old nutcase Congo, called Monty, I love him to bits and would like to learn much more about these amazing creatures, and how I can keep the little man happy.

He's confident, , brave, vocal, affectionate, and above all he's a great friend. He knows exactly what's going on in our household, he copies every noise perfectly.

He doesn't like women, and will execute commando like missions to attack my mum, girlfriend, sister... It's funny, but wrong. He knows it's bad. I love his cocky attitude, but despite discipline he's still at it.

Anyway, you lot must hear this all the time, so, hello!!!

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Hello Mark and welcome to our family, we are so glad you found us and we look forward to hearing more about you and Monty.


Monty looks quite a character from his picture in your avatar, he looks very cocky so is that part of his personality?


We love hearing the escapades of each other's greys, some will do the darndest things and they make me laugh but that is what makes them so special, we are all a bunch of nuts here, bird nuts so you have good company.


We have a lot of useful information in our many threads so do read thru them and ask questions you may have and we will help you in any way we can.


We love pictures here if you hadn't already figured out so if you have some of Monty you would share with us we would appreciate it.

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Wow, I havent been able to get on here the last few days, but I wasn't expecting such a warm welcome!

To answer a few questions, yeah, he's a character, ol' Monty. He's a family bird and we got him from a local breeder when he was about a year old. The first night we got him I messed around with him until I fell asleep, and woke up with him nestled in my armpit :) It's a shame I was covered in poo!


He is very confident, and seems to use his beak at will. I've had plenty of nasty bites, but they won't put me off.

He's had his fair share of adventures, it must be two years ago now that he got spooked and took off out the patio door, and across the fields behind our house. It was just getting dark, and difficult to see him. I found him, after hunting all night, only for him to fly off again. We spent every available minute trying to find him but had no luck.

It was only when we rang the 'local' RSPCA a week later that we were told an AG had been handed in. Thank god, it was him! I expect you can all imagine what that week felt like.

The RSPCA kept thinking a cat had got into the avery but no, it was Monty meowing.


He's grown to be my best mate, nobody is as happy to see me as that little fella is, I find it amazing to have such a bond with a bird like him.


I must admit though, I have been unfaithful to him, he's not the only bird in my life...

My girlfriend's mum liked him so much she had to get one too. Coco is still a baby, his eyes are only just beginning to change. He is the sweetest little thing you've ever seen. He loves his tickles (unlike Monty, who uses it to get you close before he bites!) and because I am the only one 'brave' enough to get him out he has bonded with me more than his owners! I love this, but it makes me feel sorry for him. He's so harmless and deserves to come out more, but the classic story of the dog getting more love is at play here. Why, I don't know!!!

We've introduced the two birds a couple of times, all went well at first, they were just kissing for an hour or so, then in true Monty style, out comes the beak. I don't know if I should trust them together now (supervised of course), what would you guys think?

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Hi Monty, I'm a new member also. Anxiously waiting for my baby grey to be weaned so I can bring it home. : ) Your Monty sounds like quite the character! Just out of curiosity, has he been DNA tested, so you are sure "he" IS a "he"? Looking forward to more stories about Monty!!

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