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My dad's bird hates him!


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My dad has had this African Grey (Sunny) for 2 years now. He's had him since 2 or so weeks old (he used to feed him through an eye dropper). My dad was this bird's favorite person. Sunny would stick his head (willingfully) into my dad's mouth. My dad could flip the bird over onto his back and rub his stomach. They did everything.


Then my dad went and mom went away for 1 week to visit their grandkids. I was left with the bird. Now I openly fear the bird, but I also can rub his beak, and kiss his beak (he's never been on my shoulder--I do not trust him). Anyway while they were gone for a week, I couldn't let the bird stay locked in his cage for 7 days, so each day I let him walk around on the floor and played with him (from a distance--rolling balls, etc.) Well after the trip the bird wants nothing to do with my dad. He transferred his affection over to my mom, and I seem to be liked by him now (still no shoulder action).


But with my dad he literally runs away. If my dad approaches him, he jumps out of the cage onto the floor, he tries to fly away. He'll still go on his shoulder (he's the only person in the house to do it) but if my dad attempts to put his hand on the bird's head (like he once allowed) the bird runs and hides between my dad's shoulder blades.


and NO my dad NEVER abused the bird. :) OH and he was and still is the only person in the house who changes the paper in the bird's cage, and who feeds him (it's his chore).


Well sorry for the lengthy first post, but my dad is very heartbroken over this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


-adam.<br><br>Post edited by: spacemarine17, at: 2009/07/20 22:19

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Thats too bad, your dad must be quite upset.

I think that this is due to the fact that Sunny is two years old.

I am no expert but I have been told that at 2 years approx. they change and begin to assert themselves a lot more. I can't see your dad being gone for vacation the reason for him to change like that.


The only tip I can give is that the bird should not be in contact with the inside of any persons mouth. Human saliva can carry bacteria and things that can make the bird sick.;)


I will let the Pro's here on the forum tell ya what they think now...



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Adam, perhaps Sunny is a little hurt about your dad leaving him. Or at least that might be what is happening. In your dad's place I would just go about the day as if everything was alright. Treat Sunny as always, well maybe a couple more treats and sweet talking, and hopefully Sunny will go back to being his loving self. My Ana Grey was PO'd at me a few days ago and didn't talk for a couple of days. She is fine now, she was just punishing me I guess.

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Thank you MAQ and luvparrots for your replies. LuvParrots: I failed to mention that my parents went away in Februray, so Sunny has been frightened of my dad since mid February. He's heartbroken and continues doing his daily chores for the bird's cage and food. And even puts the bird on his shoulder (after many attempts). When the bird's on his arm he keeps his distance from my dad's hands and face. It's totally weird.


Thanks again.



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