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To bathe or not to bathe?


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Today makes Ecko 24 weeks old! My baby is 6 months old today, awww! :kiss:


Well last night he did the cutest thing. We had a big cup of ice water on the table and he kept stealing the icecubes as usual. He would drop them on the table and it would melt and he left a big puddle on the table. All of a sudden he got all puffy and his wings were out and he would put his head down in the puddle and splash. I couldn't believe he was trying to give himself a bath, he has never done that before! So we got him a bowl of ice water to see what he would do and this is a video of what happened. Its like he wanted to bathe but then he didn't want to bathe haha. I thought it was soo cute so I had to share. :P;) B)



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OMG I really want to watch this vid but I'm at work and they don't allow that so it'll have to wait till I get home. But I know EXACTLY what you're talking about Caitlin! It's the funniest thing to watch. Chimay will have little "moments" where water is just the coolest thing since sliced bread, and he'll have a blast splashing his head around in his water bowl. But as soon as I show him something bigger (i.e. bowl or tub of water) he's not interested. And I'm pretty sure he thinks his mister bottle is the root of all evil. ha ha! Isn't it funny how they seem to only want a bath their terms?


HAPPY 6 MONTH TO ECKO!<br><br>Post edited by: chimaysmommy, at: 2009/07/20 18:17

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You really should have put more cold water in that bowl because just by looking at what he was doing with his feathers, it was very easy to see that he wanted to bathe. Use a bigger bowl, same height and fill it up to 1 inch of top with cold water. Whether you wanna add ice cubes is up to you.

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Haha Thanks Cindy! I hope you can see the video later. :P


And thanks Dave, I will do that next time. We did have a lot more water in there but he kept tipping the bowl over, I need to find a heavier bowl so he can't tip it over so easily.

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