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cherries and sprouted beans


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Hi Forum,


Brutus LOVES cherries! It seems like half the fun for him is dismantling a vegetable or fruit that is not prepped for eating. For instance (all organic)corn-on-the-cob, or unskinned kiwi fruit, cantaloupe with the seeds, the top of a pear without seeds but with the stem, and peas in the pod. My question is: Do you give your bird whole cherries? He loves holding the stem and digging out the pit. He spits it out immediately because I watch. Is this okay? I know pits and seeds from stone fruit and apples contain a cyanide compound. Or should I take the pits (and the fun) out before giving him cherries?

My second question is about sprouted beans and peas. I get a mix of organic adzuki beans, lentils, and peas that are sprouted. He loves these. These are okay to feed him right?

Thank you for indulging me my silly questions. I am an over-protective new mother.

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I always take out the seeds or pits in fruit. Ecko loves cherries too but I open it and get the pit out first, I say its better safe than sorry. As for the sprouts, yes those are good for them. Ecko loves love loves sprouts and the adzuki beans and lentils are his favorite ones, they are always the first to go.

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