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Greys / Macaws


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Does anyone have experience introducing a Macaw to your flock? I was considering this in the fall with a Blue and Gold Macaw. My CAG Gracie is 18 months old, and I thought it might be better now, then when she is older and more set in her ways.


Any thoughts / experiences?{Emotions-000200C1}

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That can happen quickly or take a long time and there's no way to find out until it happens.

The introduction of an established bird with a new bird is a slow process, as the birds will probably pick on each other or fight at first. They have to get their "pecking order" established.

They definitely have to be kept in separate cages away from each other in the same room. This does give them a chance to get used to each other without one injuring the other.

You can try taking them both to a neutral room and let then slowly put them nearer and watch reactions. A few hours a day, off and on should help.

Remember your older bird's body language. If you feel that he is willing to accept the new bird, then try letting them out together in that room, but do keep a close watch on them. In time they will get used to each other and will probably become buddies or don't show interest in each other. The worst scenerio is them looking to constantly fight with each other. They should also be kept at a certain distance from each other because the dander from a grey can affect the macaw's nasal passsages.

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I keep my TAG and macaw in the same room. I have an air cleaner in the room as well. I do have the smaller TAG and give a bath to both birds a couple of times a week. I introduced my grey after I had my B&G. I find macaws, especially B&G's to just be pretty laid back birds. I think if you don't change your behavior to your grey, still give him/her enough attention, the macaw will probably settle in well. I would give them time to settle in and get used to each and mandate that their cage is their "safe zone" and you should have no problems integrating them.

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