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Yet another new member!

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Hi all,


Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Morgan, and just brought home my baby CAG, Maggie, around a month ago. She's about 5 months old now.


She's my first real bird (I'm not counting the chickens I had for years), but I've wanted an African Grey for almost a decade. I've done a lot of reading on them, since I know they're not necessarily the easiest choice for a first bird, but I'm sure I'll still have plenty of questions.


As for Maggie, she's (fortunately!) not at all neurotic or paranoid as far as I've ever seen. She's taken almost every situation she's been in completely in stride, and I've never seen her afraid of a new toy or anything. She's kind of aloof and reserved though... she always wants to step up to come out of her cage, but other than that, doesn't really initiate contact. If my boyfriend and I are talking and she feels left out, she'll try to join in the conversation with baby babble, but she'd generally rather hang out on top of her cage or on her playstand (just hanging out though, not really playing) than with me. I don't mind if she's not the most playful of birds, but I just hope it's not something I'm doing that makes her not want to play.


She's out of her cage most of the day, as I work from home most of the time (only 15 hours a week at my "real" job). Basically whenever I'm home, she's out of her cage. She also gets plenty of one-on-one attention - I absolutely don't just sit there ignoring her all day!


Let's see, what else... she can say a few words ("Hello," "Hi," "No," "Pretty bird," "How are you?", "Cat," and "Muammar" (that's the name of one of our cats)). She loves seeing herself in the mirror - she actually regurgitated for herself yesterday! Should've named her Narcissus, I guess. She's clipped, but loves to practice flying short distances anyway - the only time she climbs off her cage by herself is to get onto the bookcase a few feet away and fly back to her cage.


Anyway, that's quite long enough for an introduction! My boyfriend, Maggie, and I are actually on vacation right now (she loves looking out the hotel window!), so I don't have pictures at the moment, but will definitely post some when I get back. :)



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Hello Morgan and welcome to our family, we are so glad you could join us and we look forward to hearing lots more about you and Maggie.


Usually the baby greys take to change and new toys easier than an older bird, Josey used to jump right on a new toy but now it has to be slowly introduced so be prepared for that.


Thats nice you were able to take Maggie with you on vacation, of course it depends on where you go but a lot of us have to leave our fids behind when we vacation, I am sure she is enjoying being with you.


Please continue to read thru our many threads for lots of useful information and do ask questions if you have any and we will help you in any way we can.


I look forward to seeing some pictures of Maggie when you get the chance, if you hadn't already noticed we love pics here.

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Hi all,


Thanks so much for the warm welcome! :)


Thanks for the heads-up about Maggie possibly getting more wary of toys as she gets older... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll stay mellow, but I'll keep that in mind.


As for the vacation... luckily, I have a very sweet and understanding boyfriend who didn't complain too much when I asked to change our surfing trip to Costa Rica to a road trip a few hours down the coast so Maggie could come! I just couldn't leave her for that long a month after bringing her home, you know?


Anyway, thanks again for the welcome, and I'll put some pictures up as soon as I get home!

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well it sounds like you and Maggie are off to a wonderful start. Thats so great that you change your plans to accomadate Maggie I would have done the same thing. I have a baby Grey also She was hatched on Feb.7 2009 I also have a 6yr old Grey they are both very special to me.welcome to our family

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