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Beak Scratching....


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Taco might be trying to clean his beak of any food scraps that are left on the side.


Birds also rub to help keep the beak in good shape. You may notice his beak looks a little flaky, with different layers showing. This is normal, and the rubbing helps get rid of excess flakes.


I also read a post by a breeder on a different forum that birds have nerve endings in the ends of their beaks, and rubbing creates a comforting vibration.


In any case, it is perfectly normal and you have nothng to worry about = )

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Cleo uses my clothes as a wash cloth also. She also likes to clean the inside of her top beak thoroughly by grabbing a bunched up piece of shirt and chewing on that. You can see she is focusing on cleaning the ridged part of her top beak, and this usually results in another hole being chewed in my clothes *sigh*

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