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A day in the life with Spock, Going to the birds


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B) Hi, Spock here...My slaves are such suckers for birds...we have three more today. They are what you humans would call Yellow-Naped Amazons and they are babies too, only about 14 weeks old. They are a noisy bunch and they smell different...They also need to be fed too.

They and Salsa can't fly though so I and my little sun buddies have the advantage...(hehehe):evil: we can fly around them and they just stare with envy. (Aaaahhh! It's good to be a grey):woohoo: It seems to be getting a little crowded with my new grey friend coming and these three plus all the others but the more the merrier, my slaves say...

My slaves had a friend over the other night and he didn't know about us. We gave him a show...my sunny friends would land on his nose or ears and scare him (hahaha):evil: and I would fly by and graze his shaved head and growl as I did it. It startled him and I gave him my new evil laugh...I heard him ask where the dog was, he thought that Rollo was growling at him. Just for that, I had to lead the pack and fly over him again. I have to keep these humans in their place after all...It was fun!:P

After he left, I stood at the kitchen window and made sure he left the building. The suns came over and sat on my back...I let one of them preen me while I watched...One of my sun buddies is still on formula and Salsa is still on formula and so is the new babies. My slave used to make enough for them (One bite for Starburst, one bit for Salsa...) but I taught him right...I sat on his shoulder until he learned to make extra, now its one for Starburst, one for Salsa, one for each of the babies and one for me...(they only give me two bites..not fair)

Last night, my Maggie was making snacks and food bowls and she left the peanut butter jar open. (Peanut butter is my MOST FAVORITE THING!) I managed to get three good bites before she caught me and made me leave. I growled but she still would not give me any more. I flew over and played with the computer (boy, are those little keys easy to come off and play with...) I am a little grumpy sometimes but it is not my fault, I have all theses little white feathers coming out....what's up with that, I tell you!

Spock signing off for now....Live Long and Prosper...;)Pictureh115-2.jpgPictureh117-1.jpgPictureh145.jpgPictureh147-1.jpgbeammeup.gif


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