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Portraits of Koko


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I was cleaning my camera stuffs yesterday nite and I bumped into an old lens which had been laying dormant for years.

I put it onto my dslr and it worked great. It could go less than 1ft from the subject and managed to get some portraits of Koko. Not an easy job though, I had to manual focus to get the eyes in focus.









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justalady721 wrote:

I love your pictures. Wow how does he keep his beak so shiny? almost looks fake. Great pictures. I am still learning with my camera. I get frusterated and have to stop...lol


I think it must be from her nutrients packed food such as spirulina, wheat grass, stabilized rice brand, bee pollen and etc.


You can't use auto focus to get super sharp eyes. An in focus eyes indicates the pic is sharp. You have to use manual focus. Not an easy task because your grey won't sit still for you to focus. I normally get 3-5 good pics out of 10 shots.

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Beautiful pictures I'm a terrible photographer I try and try but just cant do it. I don't think KOko's beak looks fake both my Grey's beaks look like that I think it has allot to do with nutrition as well all my birds eat pellets along with lots of fresh fruits and veggies a mixture of 6or7 kinds of rice with their 18bean and rice mash I make sure they gat a very balance nutritional diet that is the key to keeping every part of your bird looking and feeling their best.

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