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i was feeling sentimental


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1 1/2yrs ago i suddenly had the urge to have a parrot. i don't know why, never had any interest in birds before but for some reason i was drawn to two greys at the pet store.


but you had one hell of a price tag on you both, one that i never would be able to save up for so i took my nan with me one day and when she saw that i wanted a grey she offered to pay for you (which took me over a year to pay back).


so i spent the next few minutes meeting you both between the cage bars and you both were very friendly and liked head scratches and i was drawn to the grey next to you more, but for some reason, at the last minute i changed my mind and asked to meat you properly.


well, you stepped straight up onto my fingers and i was hooked. that day, without doing any reserch my nan paid for you and your cage.


a week later after the cage had arrived i brought you home with the free basic care book that came with you as my only sorce of information.


i had some quick learning to do but you were very patient with me and we learnt together.

i'll never forget teaching you to fly and the first flaps you took.

and although you were talking a little i'll also never forget the 1st thing you learnt whilst you were with me, which was an ambulance siren.


i then came across this forum which although i was nervous about joining as i'd never been on a forum before, thought it was a good idea and i'm so glad i did as i've learnt so much from it.


yes there are times when you push my patience, especially when you refuse to "step up", prefering to give me a little nip instead but i can forgive you for that as you've tollerated so much from me.


there were times when i thought you wouldn't cope like the time i unexpectdly went into hospital and my dad had to look after you, who you don't like. apparently it was very traumatic for you and you spent several days out of your cage.

and the time when we moved home, i was very nervous as i heard that some greys start feather plucking after moving, but you took it all in your stride and the cat was worse than you.


you readily accept new toys and new travel cages and from what i hear that is special indead.


i just wanted to say thankyou tigerlily for bringing so much joy into my live, for making me smile when it's the last thing i feel like doing and for making life more bareable.


i love you very much and hope we spend the rest of our lives together.


love, elaine

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