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He snorts!


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Brutus has started blowing air out his nose when I pick him up. Like a extended snort or sort of like a raspberry. It sounds like when horses do it- only a bird-sized horse. Do your birds do this? He only does it with me. He breathes just fine otherwise.

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I haven't really noticed Josey doing that but Sunny my conure does that sometimes, it sounds like she is blowing air thru her nares and she does it when she is on my shoulder but then again when is she not on my shoulder when she is out of her cage. Josey does not spend that much time on my shoulder so she may do it too and I just haven't noticed.

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Schroeder snoart at me when he is annoyed or frustrated. When he ticks me off I snort back at him. It seems to get the point across because he usua;ly stops doing whatever it was that was driving me nuts. Just dont do it in public, people look at you like a crazy bird lady.

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