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Cracker is turning me grey.


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Cracker got into another scrape today.He was in the aviary and a neighbours cat decided to visit.It jumped at the aviary giving Cracker a fright.I WAS RIGHT THERE AND CHASED IT AWAY.Cracker ended up breaking a blood feather and has a few little scratches from his panic.I took him to the emergency vet who took care of the blood feather and gave him a good check over,just a superficial scrape on his wing and on top of his beak.Now any ideas how to keep cats away would be very helpful.I have thought of a VERY LARGE DOG.

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Even a very tiny dog will chase a cat and make it run away. I have a 4lb pappion that chases the cats out of my yard all the time. My neibour has about 10 of them and they are bird killers. all the wild birds come and eat at my feeders because its a safe place. they know the dog will not let a cat into the yard even for a second.

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Sheila, I am so pleased that Cracker is ok!


Cats are a big problem in our garden as well! My two dont bother the birds but just about every house on my street owns a cat and they are always in the garden! This is one of the problems I have with taking the birds outside.


I hope you find a solution to this as I know how much Charlie and Cracker love to spend their time outside.


Let us know what you decide and I will get my thinking cap on for you:)

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Thanks everyone. Cracker is none the worse for his scare now and Is in the aviary with me standing guard with a hose pipe.


Has anyone used the ultrasonic cat deterrants that are availablel. I have just been looking at one and am tempted.


I think a dog is out at the moment. I dont think it would be fair to it.I would be getting it for the wrong reasons.Plus I dont have holidays at the moment to use for house training. Maybe in the future.

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