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Rita is loving the Zupreem fruit flavored pellets. She eats and eats them. Lately she puts a pellet in her mouth crunches and then dips (cleans) her mouth in her water bowl after each pellet. I change her water several times a day. I am happy that she is eating her pellets and enjoying them. But I was just curious, have any of you had the same situation with messy water bowls?

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Actually it happens mostly on her perch. She is seldom in her cage except at night. But my little lady happily takes the trip from bowl to bowl. She doesn't mind a little exercise. It certainly isn't a big problem and she really seems to enjoy 'dunking.' Who can blame her?

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Mine love to dip their Harrisons in their water dishes before they eat them. Its really funny to watch.

The odd time they will drop them in and make a mess so I just change the water as often as I can.:)


Their dishes are on the opposite sides of the cage so its obviously something they enjoy doing.

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