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do birds get eczema


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I don't think they can get eczema but I am no expert, maybe someone else can answer that as a fact. But you can help his dry skin by spraying him with 100% aloe vera juice, have you been doing that? If not, you can purchase it by the gallon near the pharmacy section at Walmart.

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Greys don't get eczema. No parrots have that problem. With certain parrots, they have extremely dry skin which must be taken care of by the owner. In the wild, all dry skinned birds take care of that dryness type problem by frequently preening themselves and by also taking freguent baths. As far as your bird's legs, what's happening is tha the scales are drying up and it's time that birds will start picking at the scales so that new ones develop. As time goes on, the process starts again. With some greys, they will do a cleaning job all the time so that the dry scaly legs aren't really noticable. That usually happens as the bird gets much older. As has been suggested, aloe gel can be used but wetting the area, lettiong the area dry and then putting the gel on makes the gel most effective. There's also a product called aloe vera juice that can be used for other parts of the body but the best way to use that product is to first mist the bird with water and then mist the bird with the juice. Click on my avatar and a complete description is there.

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