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I knew it wouldn't take Tyco long


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Well Tyco has taken to the new Atom no problem I really have to get it to its permanet spot soon before I don't have a ceiling left I also got to get to the lumber yard for some 2 inch pvc to make some ceiling protectors so much to do and I'm still sick its back to work tomorrow night so I'll pick everything I need up then


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Tyco certainly has gotten right into the groove. :-)


Wow, it didn't take long to start stripping your ceiling. That PVC will put a stop to that.


I hope your feeling better today Pat.


Thanks for sharing this photo.

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It actually suprizes me just how independent Tyco is when I got her she was afraid of everything she is still a little catious but not afraid of anything. She is a brave girl I hope Adaya turns out just as brave as Tyco is If I tell Tyco that its ok and its a toy to play with and to be brave it won't hurt her. She takes my word for it and within a day she will go check it out I never force her. I just talk to her like she was a child. Kinda silly but it seems to work.

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