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Something New Everyday!!


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All.. Its 3 weeks since I brought chikki home now.. And each day i find him doing something new..

either climbs the cage top to bottom, or

flies to the top window on the conservatory or

flies into the conservatory glasses, or

does a new whistle, or

steps up to me for the first time or

has indian rotis in one gulp for the first time or

jumps between the two edges of the play top.. so to me each day has been new..


so thought it might be a similar experience to all of us everyday.. what did your birdie do today for the first time :)!!


Today Chikki flew to my hand thrice once i came in from office.. for the first time.. I was so excited!!


Please share your new experiences!!

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Hi there,

Your baby's new environment is still a very new experience to him, to be explored and enjoyed. Enjoy him while she is experimenting with you, your family and your home. You have lots of laughter and fun to look forward to. They are always finding new things to entertain you with.


My ag said his first word yesterday and repeated it twice today, he has been practising his "human voice" at times today.

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