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Pinky in the house

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My name is Roland and I live in Denmark, nearly 40 years old.

I just got my first Grey tonight. His name is Pinky, male about 2 years old.


He got picked on by his siblings and have had a great deal of trouble fitting in with other birds.


I have enclosed a picture of him. We are having some disagreement about where he should be. Old, crappy cage or the new one.


Tomorrow I will get him some better branches and some toys.


/Roland and Pinky IMG_0045.JPG<br><br>Post edited by: Pinky, at: 2009/07/07 21:02


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Hello Roland and welcome to our family, we are so glad you could join us and we look forward to hearing more about you and Pinky.


If the new cage is bigger then by all means move him to the new cage, he will appreciate the extra room.


He must be a timid grey if he was picked on by his siblings and he is not alone in not fitting in with other birds as a lot of greys do not get along with other species even their own species sometimes.


You will find a lot of useful information in our many threads so do read thru them and ask questions you may have and we will help you in any way we can.


I look forward to seeing some pictures of Pinky when you can manage to post them.

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He is my first "big" parrot but I have had several parakeets and other birds.


The new cage is much bigger but we are in the middle of a battle of minds about where he want to be.


Btw, the cage is from germany or Iltaly, Villa Torretta by Gallizzi (instructions are in german but the comapany name sound italian), and I would recomend everybody to stay away from it.


The instructions are awful and the fit is ever worse.


We'll see how long we can live with it, but it will get replaced as sson as I have the money and found a better cage.<br><br>Post edited by: Pinky, at: 2009/07/07 21:16

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Welcome Roland and Pinky!!


It's GreYt having you here. :-)


He is one fine looking Grey. I would certainly suggest getting a new cage if his present one is the cage in the photo. The bars are way too thin for a Medium sized Parrot like a Grey. He will bend and break those bars loose fairly easy and they will become a danger to him.


Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more photos as you get a chance.

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Hi Roland, I would definitely put Pinky in a new cage more appropriate for medium-sized parrots as soon as possible. He will most certainly be more comfortable. He does look like a fine looking CAG. I can't wait to hear more about him and see him in his new home. Welcome to the grey family!<br><br>Post edited by: luvparrots, at: 2009/07/09 21:10

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Pinky and I are progressing in getting accustomed to each other and to his new enviroment.


The tiny, old crap cage I got him in will be thrown out this weekend and the new, but very inadequate cage will be returned to the petstore (petstore used instead of a better word.


The craftmanship of the cage was BAD as was the fitting. Bars was too thin and spaced too close together. The gates was placed in such a way that I would never be able to train him in getting up on my hand.


I got a 3.rd cage that is spot on. Nice big bars and a nice big gate in the front where I have access to the whole cage and Pinky.

Got him a rope to climb on and getting some new toys today as well as some proper parrot food.


Also this weekend, I will go to the woods and get him some nice, natural branches. We have a old, royal hunting forrest far from traffic and where they won't spray the trees with anything dangerous.


Pinky have been getting aquatinted with his new cage and have started making some happy noises.


From friday I have 3 week vacation so we will spend a lot of time together bonding :-)


So far everything is going ok.


/Roland & Pinky<br><br>Post edited by: Pinky, at: 2009/07/09 13:49

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Hi and welcome.The new cage and natural branches sound much better.How lucky are you to have 3 weeks off work getting to know Pinky.Hope you enjoy the time together,let us all know how things go.

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