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Coconut shells ?

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This is my first post here and in 30 min. I'm going to, hopefully, buy my first Gray.


I was wondering if anyone have had any experience with coconut shells as toys / shreadables ?


Anything dangerous about them for the bird?





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Hi Pinky, welcome!


I bought coconut shells from an online site that has bird safe products and my grey loves them. Are you talking about a coconut shell straight from the tree or ones that you buy from a bird store? I don't think it would be safe to pick one from a tree because you don't know what could be on them since they aren't cleaned.


Why don't you introduce yourself and your hopefully new grey in the welcome room. ;)

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Hi Pinky, yes coconut shells make great toys for greys, you will find them used in bird toys found in pet shops, of course you can make toys yourself if you are so inclined.


Congrats on getting your first grey and when you get the time why don't you officially introduce yourself in the welcome room and tell us some more about you and this grey you are getting.

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Hi Pinky - Harvey's 7 months old now and from day 1 he's had a coconut (specially bought from pet shop). He shreds the paper addition in the middle and then starts on the outer shell - which he pulls to bits - this is the only toy we don't rotate as he loves it so much.


You'll be made so welcome by the guys and gals on this site - I've learned EVERYTHING, I know from great people. Enjoy your grey - they bring you so much joy. :lol:

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