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Yogurt Cup

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Buster and I inherited each other 3 months ago and have bonded famously. He is 10 years old and very well adjusted but he just doesn't like any of his toys. He gets excited about two things, the remote and yogurt cups. He so wants to shred a yogurt cup after we share the treat but I'm worried about safety. Would it be ok? Any suggestions?

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Is the cup plastic, if so it is ok for him to tear up, now the remote is another thing, if you could get your hands on some old unused ones that he could tear up at his hearts content for I know you don't want him doing that to the one you need to use.


I see this is your first post, why don't you introduce yourself in the welcome room and tell us a little more about you and Buster, he sounds like a delight.

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Hi buster, like Judy said I think the plastic yogurt cups would be ok for him to tear up.


Why don't you try to make a toy out of the yogurt cups if he likes them so much, like drill holes at the bottom of the cups, put a rope or leather string through it, and tie some knots and add more cups on, do you get what I saying? lol. Or you could make a toy out of straws, maybe he would like to chew up the straws too. Have you tried foraging toys to see if he would play with it?


I hope to hear more from you and Buster in the welcome room. ;)

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