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Dayo busting his best move


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Since Dayo was being so accepting of the Camera today. I just took advantage of it while we were settled in and watching a movie tonight....


Dayo whistling...err me, I'm not doing anything....:whistle:




Dayo slowly starting his sneaky plot, oh look, a blanky ..... ;-)




Dayo sneaking ever so gently so as not to be felt as he slides into the blanky..... :huh:




Ah Ha!! He has been discovered and is being dealt with accordingly for this dastardly deed.........Lots of cuddles until he can't stand it any longer... :evil:



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AWWWW!! Those pictures are adorable Dan! I love the last one, that is soooo cute. Thanks for sharing pics of Dayo with us. I really enjoy reading your posts about him, keep them coming. ;)<br><br>Post edited by: caitb2007, at: 2009/07/06 15:59

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After reading about Dayo and the blanket, I thought I would give Sterling (U2) a chance to snuggle with us while watching tv last night. We've only had Sterling since Saturday evening so we're still in the learning experience. Sterling would jump from my arm, run across the bed, jump on Paul's shoulder, then back, several times. Paul picked up the blanket to readjust and Sterling lunged under it, wandering around for a moment and then quietly sticking his head out like playing peek-a-boo. I was amazed at how quickly he enjoyed this game and continued it for several times before it was bed time.


Paul would be thrilled beyond words if one day Sterling behaved the same way Dayo did! Thanks for the inspiration.



Robin, Paul, Dixie, Sterling, George & Gracie

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