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Breathing Problems


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My grey Jimmy has breathing problems. Every now and again he breathes very heavily it sounds like he is struggling to breath, his chest heaves and he shakes his head and mucus comes from his mouth. A few months ago he had the same problem and I took him to the vet, who said there could be many different illnesses and that it is difficult to tell with a grey. They gave him 2 anti biotic injections and an anti biotic for me to put in his drinking water. The attacks continue to happen and he has started to pick his feathers. I cannot stand to see him suffer like this and I don't know what brings on these attacks of what to do when they happen. When it happens I just sit with him and reassure him till the attack is over. There must be something that can be done to help Jimmy. He is about 4 years old and eats very well. I feed him with fresh fruit and mueslie for breakfast. They get a snack during the day such as a piece of whole wheat bread or a provita biscuit and for supper they will have vegetables and meat or chicken(whatever we eat that evening)or pasta etc. Both my greys do not like pellets at all, I have given up trying. I do give them parrot seed mix with nuts and and dried fruit.


Please could somebody give me some advice.:(

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Take Jimmy to an avian vet asap and get to the bottom of this.My guess is he has a respiritory infection and needs long term anti biotics but an avian vet needs to diagnose this.Please get another vets opinion if your own vet is not a certified avian vet.

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Thanks, my vet claims to be an avian, even though I doubt it as they don't seem to know whats going on. He just asks me a lot of questions and does not examine Jimmy at all. I'm really worried, I'll phone around to find another avian vet.

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