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Alfie knows his name


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Well its finally happened Alfie has started to say his own name, I was having breakfast he was on his cage & i heared him say Hello Alfie.taking a minute to poke me ears there it was again Hello Alfie. To say im overjoyed is an understatement & guess what allday its been hello alfie hello alfie im so proud of my little fella :)

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That's great Dave - clever Alfie. I'm willing Harvey to talk (he grumbles a lot, but nothing I can make out) and to be honest I'M sick of my own voice, never mind him!!


He's probably thinking to himself "nah - not saying nowt - she'll give up soon when she thinks I'm going to be the only mute parrot on this site and then she'll give my ears a rest and I can carry on doing just as I want!!!" Jill xx;)

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