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((Help)) where can I find a baby AG in Australia?


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I am in Adelaide, and have looked for a baby african grey for near one month. It drives me crazy that I found most breeders come from Cameroon (most of them are scams)and I cannt trust anyone on the internet, what can I do? I just want to buy a baby ag, how can it be that difficult?! could you guys out there tell me how to get a baby African Grey safely in AU? or do you know any parrot breeders in Adelaide?

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Welcome Wang!!


We have a few other members here from Austrailia. Hopefully they will see this post and help you out.


Adelaide is a large city, perhaps you could get a lead from a pet store, vet office etc. also that might know a breeder.


Your right, the Internet is full of scammers and especially from Cameroon and surrounding areas.


I wish you well in your search for a Grey. :-)

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yep, I hope so, thank you, I will try that you suggested me. Some pet stores close to my location have lots birds for sale like lovebirds, eclectus but no africna grey. may be I find the stores little further.

I cannot wait to get a little. :)

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