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Moving with parrots and safe home-heating


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Hey all,


Me and the fids will be packing up and moving soon (about a month or so) and going to live with my mom.


Firstly, anyone have any moving tips? I'd like to make it as easy as possible on Jacko and crew. They're well adjusted to their carriers cuz they sleep in them every night so I know I got that covered.


Secondly, my mom just told me recently that the house actually doesn't have any heating :blink: (and considering I live in Canada--winter without heated homes IS NOT an option lol).

Normally I'd not be worried and say huh well we'll just get some portable heaters or as wood stove...

Obviously a wood stove IS NOT a good idea--- I don't want anyone getting burned--so what kinds of heating methods are safe for parrots?

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I heat my house with electric heaters the ones I have don't get hot on the outside you can pick them up anytime and move them I've been here for 2 years now and i've never had a problem and I live in Canada also. I also have freestanding gas fireplace which is what is supposed to heat my house but I won't even concider it because it would be way to easy for my birds to get burn't so I opted for space heaters and my house is 1500 square feet it only takes 3 space heaters to heat the whole house and keep it toasty warm.

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