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How to stop my grey from biting?


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Hmm. Im sixteen this year, and i got my grey rougly about eight months ago. His name is kiki aged about 1 years old now. at first he was a sweet bird that wouldn't bite and even step up when called,but however probably i didnt pay enough attention to him or rather . he started small bites.. and now he bites me everytime i put my hand close, as though he was aiming for his food. the only person who could get close with him now is my dad. how do i solve it? I was a little playful and i liked to give him surprises which i realised later on that he didn't like them and hated them.. and now he probably hates me to the core. is there anyway i could solve this?

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First off--realize that occaisionally you'll get bitten no matter what, no birds 'never bite'. Part of that wonderful experience of parrot guardianship :P

Very few parrots hate anything to the core so don't be too hard on yourself--we all make mistakes. It's normal that as a young baby and as a new member to your household that the grey was sweet, young birds are naturally sweet and birds in new surroundings don't know the 'lay of the land' yet so they want to be as inoffensive as possible.

There are a couple things you need to do in terms of your grey and the biting:

1) change your way of interacting with the bird until the behaviour stops or is changed. So if your grey bites when you go to get him to step-up, stop it for now. Just talk to him and offer him treats from your hand etc--build up a good positive relationship with him, especially if you might have irritated him previously.

2) If you're bitten DO NOT REACT. I know, it's hard but don't yell, jerk your hand away or anything. Leave it there, the bird will eventually let go. Then, go collect your composure in another room for a bit and then return to the grey (he'll of needed time to calm down too) and try to end things on a positive note (offer a treat or something) instead of a bite.

3) Work hard to establish a new pattern.

Will your grey allow you to handle him away from his cage? If so, take him into another room away from his cage on a daily basis and work on step-ups a couple times a day. You need to establish a pattern where when your hand is presented the bird thinks it's a good thing and knows what to do so it isn't scared (in this case step-up)instead of hand= I don;t know what to do I'm scared or here comes those surprises I hate= I have to bite it.

I don't know if you're familiar with step-ups but basically you say the bird's name and ask him to step-up (so it's '*Name*, step-up/up), present your hand and then gently press it into his belly/legs untill he steps-up, then tell him he's a good bird and give him a treat. Eventually you'll want to not press your fingers into his belly/legs but you'll need to the first couple times until he gets it.

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thanks for replying. yea, it was quite close to me previously, stepping up was a piece of cake for him. but after the *neglection* period i don't even dare to place my hand near him . he draws blood everytime he targets, the only wait is to avoid fast. i tried offering treats but i get ignored, all he does is turning his head away:pinch:

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Hmmm...then that's slightly more tricky. Try dropping the food into his dish and continue just talking to him and being nice--he could be sulking too and trying to punish you..he should come around.

Also I didn't think it was possible for a grey this young to select as favourite person (as it seems to be the case with the grey and your dad) but this might be part of the problem. In this case have your dad do all the unpleasant things that the grey doesn't like (nail clipping, wing clipping, being put back into his cage etc.) and you will do all the things the grey likes (like feeding him, giving him a bath etc. whatever he happens to love). Also, try taking him out into the world for a walk either in as harness or carrier *NEVER EVER EVER TAKE THE BIRD OUT WITHOUT A HARNESS OR A CARRIER, EVEN IF HIS WINGS ARE CLIPPED--YOU ARE FLIRTING WITH DANGER AND THE VERY REAL POSSIBILITY YOU WILL LOSE HIM PERMANENTLY*.

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scarletspade wrote:

I was a little playful and i liked to give him surprises which i realised later on that he didn't like them and hated them.. and now he probably hates me to the core. is there anyway i could solve this?


Tinytimneh has given you very good advice.


If I am reading in between the lines correctly, I read your "Scared" him when it says surprise him.


If this is correct, you have lost his trust and he is fearful of you. It is not about hate, it is about fear and trust. This can only be mended over time by you being close, but not trying to step him up or give him treats directly from your hand. Lay treats down a foot away and praise him. Talk to him gently at all times and praise him when you even see a glimmer of positive response. He will come around, but may not at the level of trust, head scratches and cuddles you may have had previously when he was a young baby.


I do hope this works out well for you over time. But for now your father has become his trusted friend.<br><br>Post edited by: danmcq, at: 2009/06/28 01:10

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