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Crazy Days


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Hey folks,


I've scarcely been here for a while, and I miss my friends!


Just wanted y'all to know I've been pretty thoroughly buried in family support issues, and will be for some time to come, I expect. Three weeks ago my mother (age 87) had to begin some real chemotherapy after getting hormonal therapy for 3-1/2 years, so we've gone from one shot once a month with almost no side effects to a three-hour infusion weekly with plenty of 'em - and all the emotional fallout that goes along with that. Meanwhile we have also discovered that the settlement of my father's estate had gotten stalled (he passed away last year) and I am needing to do a lot of running around for that. Lots of road trips between NH and CT, in the course of all this.


Maxi's taking it all in stride; Tanner is overpreening, and I'm doing my best not to add my stress to his or his to mine. He and Max are both learning whalesong from a tape I've been playing them. :P Given a choice between being on the forum and spending time with my birds, I choose the latter, so there's some of my absence right there. Mary (daughter) is enjoying her summer, looking forward to high school this fall and being my Rock of Gibraltar. The bunny's eye is still weepy, but he doesn't seem to give a hoot; and the cats are indestructible.


That's the news from rainy Portsmouth for now. Just wanted y'all to know I'm thinking of you, and I'll check in when I can. Love the new changes on the forum!

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Well hey Linda, yes I have missed you but figured you were busy with life, there are always things that have to be taken care of and I am sorry to hear about your mom's problems but wow, 87 years old, that is an accomplishment in itself.


You check in when you can and glad to hear the fids and other pets are doing ok and handling the changes and stress as well as can be expected.


That Mary is a good girl.

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It's nice to hear from you LindaMary. I hope your mom is doing better. Our thoughts are with you and yours. Hug that sweet daughter of yours from us all. Hope things calm down for you soon. Remember your grey family is always here for you. :kiss:

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Lindamary, give my love to your mum and lots of love to you too.Having gone through a similar but not as extreme thing myself I have an idea how you feel.The best advise I was given was to make sure you look after yourself as well as your mum.I will prey for you all. Popi n hear when you can,we all love hearing from you.

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