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Hello I am Virginia and my baby is Kokonino

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Hello one and all - I never knew about this forum!! My name is Virginia and I am owned by a CAG female named Kokonino. She was hatched on the 2nd of May, 2008. We live in Wales, near Cardiff in the United Kingdom. She is my first African Grey and the people that meet her comment she is very well behaved - even the vet! I look forward to meeting others here and learning and sharing experiences. Koko and I also live with Phoebe, a cinnamon pearl cockatiel and Sunny, a little budgie. I work for the BBC in Cardiff.

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Welcome Virginia, I'm so glad you joined us!!!


There are lots of different subjects of interest on this forum - enough to keep you from concentrating on your job hee hee... There are also lots of people with a lot of experience in owning and caring for Greys but also other birds.


Looking forward to reading your posts.


Cheers! Renate (and the eggs....)


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Hi Virginia, welcome to the forum! Kokonino is a very cool name, what does it mean? I like your avatar, do you have any more pictures of your flock? We would love to see. I look forward to hearing more about you and Kokonino. Enjoy the site. :)

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I will be watching on your clicker training. I want to start with Koko as well.


Kokonino, as far as I know, does not interpret to anything. I recall a story I followed in the early 90's about a man that took in an abandoned baby black bear and raised it - the authorities eventually took her away. I always loved that name so it was the one I selected out of Cromwell, Sterling and Kokonino.

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