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Chimay is learning his colors!!!!!!!


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Last week I purchased a new toy for Chimay, hoping that he would potentially learn to identify colors. I didn't really have high expectations or anything, I figured that best case scenario he'd learn, worst case he'd have a ton of fun destroying the toy. Here's the link to what I bought:




Over the weekend I introduced him to it. He had SO much fun pulling all of the different beads off of their little posts, and each time he pulled one off I would verbalize the color to him. After he played with it on and off (he had removed all of the beads), I took his "training treats" out (pine nuts) and told him, "show me yellow" and tapped the yellow post. He beaked it and I gave him a treat.


THEN I told him "show me blue" WITHOUT tapping the correct post, and he walked over and beaked the blue post!!! I was so excited!!!! As if I wasn't amazed enough, after a couple more "show me's" I told him to show me yellow again. Instead of beaking the yellow post he walked over and picked up a yellow bead!!


I am the happiest paRRont in the world right now!:laugh: :laugh: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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No problem! I can't wait till he starts talking...we'll keep working his colors until then, and once he starts we'll start working on him telling me the colors instead of beaking them. Eeeeee!!!!


Might I add that I've been telling my coworkers about it, and I think I've been officially labeled the crazy bird lady. Ha ha!

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